About Us

Designing with love.

My names Emma Araki; I’m the owner, creator, maker, you name it that’s what I am for Acute Panic. I’m someone who always needs a hobby, typically a craft to be doing, in the past and still present for some I’ve done scrapbooking, latch hook, duct tape, painting, and yes even rainbow loom. With the year 2020, I needed a new hobby since I overworked all my other ones, and that’s how Acute Panic was born.


First, I wanted to make something that I could use/wear for a long time and combined my love of earrings and jewelry; that’s what I did. For myself, I have quite the earring collection, I love wearing different pairs every day to match my mood or outfit, and I didn’t want to make your standard pair of just diamond studs. I’m a very creative person and love to express that in what I wear, so I want my jewelry to represent that. The pieces that I make are a little bit more out there, with a sense of elegance to each one.